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We are clear that an outfit can be that first good impression that we want to create when we arrive at a party, a meeting with friends or a date. Of course, also at work. A good choice that can become a daily look, in which in addition to feeling comfortable and beautiful, you add a touch of elegance and sophistication that makes the difference.

The trend of the entire season continues to be marked by monochromatic outfits, where orange, green or lilac are positioned in the first place, as the undisputed colors of the greatest trend this 2022.

Imagine having the perfect combination in a suit that brings together all the "must" of the season in just two garments. The Elia cropped blazer has positioned itself as the protagonist; we love it for its slightly shorter cut, which will highlight your silhouette. On the other hand, it has a wide lapel that further enhances the elegance of the garment. The Elia skirt, with a small side cut, gives it that point that goes the extra mile: an extra contribution of sensuality. "Less is more" and for this reason, the small cut out is nice and discreet. The high waistline on the other hand, emphasizes naturally curves.

In short, a two-piece that has the versatility of sets that create trends and leave their mark wherever you go.

Look Elia utility link:

- Elia mini skirt

- Elia cropped blazer

- Gathered top Elia

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