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Tips to shine as the perfect bridesmaid and guest

The new normality is making its way little by little and this 2022 points as one of the years in which more weddings are going to be celebrated. Therefore, today we want to give you some tips to be the perfect bridesmaid.

For starters, we can assure you that trends in bridesmaid dress are changing. And it is that the pastel colors and the demure dress are being relegated to a second place. So... what comes next? Ceremony outfits are seen again with more color and more movement.

Thus, we can affirm that this year the upward trend is that of the draped style, the ruffles and the V-neckline, which is always very flattering. As for color, Klein blue is the undisputed king, but it is also followed by the most vibrant green, fuchsia and intense violet! Of course, other less risky colors like mint green or dusty pink are always a safe option.

It should be noted that if we have learned anything in these two long years, it is that in addition to the nostalgia of big parties and events, buying online can make our task a lot easier, saving us trips to the establishment and many hours of searching for the perfect bridemaid's dress. Not only is it convenient when buying it, with personalized advice through Whatsapp, but also any return or exchange can be done from home, without moving and at zero cost. This will allow you to save a lot of time, for example, to focus on the complements and other arrangements that deserve the occasion. After all...Who doesn't want to be the perfect maid of honor?

First photo above: Sophie long chiffon dress in greyish blue with foam inside, complemented by an elastic floral belt. A classic and very elegant look.

Draped dress, with a lot of movement and in the trendy color, Klein blue. It offers a young and very fresh look.

Violet chiffon dress with gathered Roman neckline and large side opening. Elegant and sensual at the same time.

Long gauze dress in makeup pink with a deep V neckline. It enhances the bust, making it very flattering. Elegant and very trendy.

Long jumpsuit with side slits on each leg in green parakeet, a seasonal must. Indicated for those who feel more comfortable than with the most classic dress or who want to innovate.

Two-piece set consisting of a top with chiffon sleeves and a long tulle skirt in turquoise blue with a floral belt detail to complete the look. Very fresh, original and according to the trend.

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