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The expected moment has arrived. The graduation event is important to you and you don't want to leave any details to chance. Today we give you some fashion tips so that you look unique with your outfit on that special day.

  1. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so opting for a party or ceremony dress can be a good choice. We advise you to ignore dresses that are too ornate or excessive. Keep in mind that this is not a wedding, so if you choose to go long, it is always better to do it with light fabrics and simple lines. Take advantage of the occasion to go elegant without overloading the look and that it is youthful and fresh, are key points. If you are a little more daring and you like short dresses, we show you the Astra mini dress; youthful, with flight, to feel unique and be a 'modern princess'.

  1. For this type of event, transparencies or excessively low necklines are not the best choice. Instead, it's much better to hint at curves naturally. Betting on a jumpsuit that draws and marks the silhouette, in addition to being more trendy than the classic dress, is a trend that continues to rise. One example is our 'asymmetric fit' jumpsuit, with a very flattering cut; the detail of the ring, as well as the bare shoulder, are an example of sophistication and elegance without forgetting that it is a fun piece as well as daring, without falling into excesses, which is why it is ideal for this type of event.

  1. Go for colors that are always right: Klein blue, red and green this season are in the ideal color palette for such a day. On the contrary, we advise against colors that are too strident or patterns that are too busy.

  1. It allows to give their place to the complements. Wearing a sandal or heel according to the rest of the outfit will be what makes the difference. With this, you will mark that touch of distinction and round off the look. We recommend a clutch or handbag that will multiply the whole outfit by a hundred.

  1. Do not fall into conventionalism and flaunt a fresh and youthful look. Youth plays in your favor, so… Let's show off! Open up to new possibilities and wear clothes with daring accessories. Take a look at how a metallic belt completely changes this look and makes it sensational. We love!

  1. In case of doubt, let yourself be advised. We know that this day will keep you awake for the next few days and it will be a tireless search until you find your dream outfit! We love to offer you the options that are most in line with the trends of the season and, of course, with your style.

By following these simple tips, we can assure you that you will shine and make that day totally unforgettable!

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