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The trend color block has been going very strong this year and continues to gain followers. We want to offer you the best choices when it comes to choosing this fashionable style.

And it is that all the "it girl" of the moment have fallen for the charms of the most energizing orange, the intense fuchsia or the green parekeet, proclaiming the latter as king indisputable Pantone 2022, above the very peri, another of the must colors of the year.

Fashion pret-à-porter as well as the most current and urban haute couture wears these shades. Now... How do we do it to combine and above all... How to know which color suits you best based on the tone of your skin and hair? Today we reveal some simple tricks that we hope will make this task easier for you and will make your look score a lot of points.

Let's say for example that your skin is rather light in color and your hair is dark; Without a doubt, shades like carmine red or fuchsia will favor you and add a lot of light. On the other hand, if your hair is rather blonde or if your complexion is on the dark side, Klein blue or green can become your best allies.

It is important to take into account what other accessories and garments you are going to use to complete the color block look. It is always advisable to wear the trend colors of the season and in this case, being very powerful and vibrant, our recommendation is that you use the garments with more vivid tones in those parts of the body that you want to stand out. Likewise, neutral, pastel or darker tones are of great help to finish your outfit. In addition, being the color the absolute protagonist, we will try to avoid the excessive combination of textures, as well as ruffles, to achieve greater harmony in the whole.

Set of blazer and mini skirt in green parekeet combined with sandals Roman Sparta style and basic ruched body, both in black, are a safe bet.

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