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Bohemian and summer style are practically synonymous. Boho-type garments are associated with endless days at the beach and summer vacations.

Thinking of spending a few days (and nights) in Ibiza perhaps?

Today we want to list the reasons why the boho style always comes back and makes us fall in love like the first time.

1.The simple lines, the vaporous and fresh fabrics. They represent the exaltation of freshness and naturalness that enhance the female silhouette without the need for artifice. Dresses and tops look better without a bra since the piece's construction naturally enhances curves.

2. Colors and patterns. All kinds of fantasy prints, from floral to jacquard, the precious and always successful cashmere , passing through those of ethnic style, where in addition a very vivid color stands out with a predominance of turquoise, green, orange or purple. The combinations are practically endless.

3. Natural fabrics, especially silk. This will inevitably make the garment feel unique and very exclusive: the delicacy, sensuality and warmth that its texture evokes on the skin when you wear it.

4. A youth garment for any age. The timelessness of the bohemian style makes it ideal for any age range, as it suits both young and middle-aged girls.

5. Touch of fantasy in each garment. Tassels, ribbons, knots, ruffles or beaded details are the ultimate brooch that completes and personalizes the look.

6. Absolute versatility. A style that you can wear daily, for a relaxed vacation plan or for an event where you don't want to go too formal. Either way, you won't go unnoticed.

7. High wearability. Get a more urban look by combining elements such as a denim jacket or jeans. You will be giving it a much more original and personal chic touch. Go ahead, dare!

Follow these tips and we assure you that you will find in this style the perfect ally for the eternal summer nights.

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