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This week we dedicate a post to the actress and blogger Esmeralda Moya and her blog Esmerald-girl.

If we already like her on screen as an actress, she has made us fall in love even more through her blog, revealing her most intimate side. We really liked the tone and philosophy of its content. We have found a lot of positivism and desire to enjoy life in all its facets. The quality of the photographic content transmits a lot of freshness and we have loved it.

She also takes the opportunity to give us her beauty secrets and share with us her favorite outfits and fashion ideas. We have found a lot of closeness with its public and interest in the way of sharing its discoveries.

It has been a privilege that you have noticed our brand and have wanted to present a Zebra&Maduixa outfit in your last post entitled "The beautiful begins"
She chose a floral print "Hawaii" playsuit and "Little flowers" sandals to form a very summery outfit. It looks beautiful on you.

From our humble opinion, we recommend you dedicate a little time to reading it, it feels very good.

Thank you Esmeralda, you look gorgeous ❤️

Photographs: Alvaro Coralles
Instagram: @alvarocoralles_


Florencia said:

Me encanta las fotos, Esmeralda Moya es tan guapa, os quedan monos short así, es súper bonito. Me lo quiero comprar…. ?

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