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It is a month of change, the courses are over, the fires of San Juan illuminate the beaches on one of the shortest nights of the year, the long days allow us to appreciate the heat. We can already think about the holidays, the seasons of island clubs are opening. We welcome summer.

Each change requires that we adapt, clothing does not escape the rule. We want to organize the wardrobe, putting away winter clothes and leaving a clean space for summer clothes adapted to this year's trends. Luckily for every warm one stored, we have room for three dresses and more t-shirts.

You have to think about being comfortable in the street or on the beach, and how to look at night. Low Cost fashion is always a very good option if we want to have a variety of outfits or change styles often. In any case, we have to take care of our look, which is our first business card. So no more excuses, get to work!!!

This season we highlight clothing with vegetable and/or floral prints in the form of dresses, jumpsuits or kimonos.

Also the essential beach shorts that this year will come in white or blue with multicolored embroidery finishes, in many decoration combinations. Many of them have an ethnic touch.

Here I leave you that I don't want to reveal all the secrets we have in store, I'll let you discover it...

Happy summer.

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