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Company Low cost, well-priced clothes, economical or cheap clothes.
So many terms that do not have the same meaning or have the same perception on your part.
There is a very big difference between the terms "cheap clothes" and "Low Cost fashion". In fact, people often talk about one really looking for the other.

With the first one we refer more to the product. The perception is more negative because cheap clothing is synonymous with lack of quality, lack of service and customer service. And surely you will agree that when we are looking for cheap clothes we do not mean bad clothes.

Ropa barata vs Moda Low Cost Zebra&MaduixaAnd then we have the Low Cost fashion that refers more to the store model where costs are studied at all levels, ensuring a service according to your needs, our customers. We take care of the mode of transport and apply the price of what shipping costs us 24/72h without margin, we apply it separately so that it also allows us to offer a faster delivery service in 24 hours for those who want it. The photos are not taken with well-known models or famous photographers in a specialized studio, but the visual aspect of our clothes is taken care of so that the product can be appreciated. We look for promotional channels such as Instagram which are cheaper than a television commercial. All these adjusted costs allow you to choose quality clothing at a reasonable price. Low cost is taking care of all the details and sharing the result, making the end customer benefit from the same product or service at a better price.

Tienda Zebra de moda Low Cost Calle Guimera 5 Manresa

At Zebra&Maduixa we want to offer trendy clothing at a good price by sharing our work with you, so that you are satisfied above all, taking care of the small details without increasing the price you pay at the end of your cart.

That's our commitment!

Zebra&Maduixa: wears Trendy, wears Low Cost.

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