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Pantalón de pinzas con nudo delante Zebra&Maduixa Ropa de mujer
Statement of intent: what we would like to achieve in this article is to get it right in today's fashion. When I say today's fashion, I mean today's trend as our most immediate present. Sometimes we try so hard to anticipate trends that we get caught up in speculation and often our intuitions are forgotten before any of you have bought or tried on the coveted clothing.

In the end, why get so far ahead if today the first thing we will do is dress with what we bought yesterday. Of course you will wonder if I dress or buy a vertical striped blouse with ruffles today, I will be a trend. I would say absolutely yes!

Soft, pastel colors in shades of blue and pink are also maintained. Pants with darts and knots at the waist, or simply worn jeans in light shades of denim or white, many blouses maintain a neckline as in the photo but many others shine with a Bardot neckline that is very popular now. I hope you can continue to get an idea by visiting our collections.

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